Can Axolotls Eat Shrimp?

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Axolotls are interesting creatures. They will primarily eat meat-based foods. They love to eat smaller insects, mollusks, and smaller fish that they can easily digest. That’s their primary source of protein, and you should try to provide as much protein in their daily diet as possible.

So the question now might be: can axolotls eat shrimp?

Yes, axolotls can definitely eat shrimp. It’s one of their favorite types of food. But there are many different types of shrimp that you will find for axolotls, and they like to eat most types of shrimp.

The reason they like shrimp is because they taste very nicely, and axolotls like them very much. And secondly, shrimp has a lot of protein, which is valuable to the axolotls. It helps them become stronger and healthier, it allows them to grow more and become stronger, and it prolongs their life.

But you will need to find quality sources where you buy your shrimp from. It’s not worth buying low-quality shrimp, because it has few nutrients and very low calorie intake.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about axolotls and how you can feed them shrimp in this article. You’ll know everything that needs to be known when you read it, so stay tuned.

Can Axolotls eat Brine Shrimp?

Yes, brine shrimp is one of the favorite types of shrimp for axolotls.

It’s one of the best types of shrimp to feed axolotls live, and that’s because this type of shrimp is not only very tasty for your axolotl, but it also has some great nutrients, especially when you feed it to the axie live.

But be careful when buying brine shrimp for your axolotls – not every type of brine shrimp is good. Make sure you buy from reputable and reliable sources and sellers, because if the brine shrimp is not raised correctly and properly, it might have some issues for your axolotls.

There might be some parasites in the food and the brine shrimp, which can hurt your axolotl badly. You don’t want that to happen, so you need to make sure the brine shrimp you buy is vetted.

Can Axolotls Eat Ghost Shrimp?

Yes, ghost shrimp is another type of shrimp you can feed to your axolotls.

Ghost shrimps are actually quite interesting and even beneficial for your axolotl tank. When they are not visible, they will clean up the tank and remove the dead plants and algae, and they will also clean the walls of your tank.

On the other hand, ghost shrimp can live inside your tank next to your axolotls. That’s because axolotls will gradually pick on the ghost shrimp and eat them at their own pace. When they need a treat or a snack, they’ll grab one of them and eat them.

A good tip: if you plan to keep ghost shrimp with the axolotls in the same tank, make sure the ghost shrimp has some hiding places inside the tank. This allows them to breed easier. And because of this, there will be more ghost shrimp in the tank. And more ghost shrimp means a more stable supply of food for the axolotls. So it’s a win-win situation!

Can Axolotls Eat Shrimp Pellets?

Yes, axolotls will eat shrimp pellets as well.

If you don’t want to buy live shrimp and you don’t want to risk various parasites or diseases, you can still cater to your axolotl’s taste and feed them shrimp-based pellets. These are tasty and they also have a good amount of nutrients beneficial to your axolotl.

If you want to buy good shrimp pellets for your axolotls, we recommend the Omega One shrimp sinking pellets. These are the absolute best-tasting shrimp pellets for your axolotls. They are made for fish, but your axolotls will also love it.

They are superior in quality, they won’t pollute your tank, and they will taste amazing for your axolotls. You can feed these pellets 1-3 times daily to your axolotls, and it can be the primary source of food for them.

We recommend these pellets because they are tasty and nutritious, and they are also a good source of food for your axolotls.

Can Axolotls Eat Frozen Cocktail Shrimp?

Yes, axolotls can eat frozen cocktail shrimp.

This is also a good source of food for your axolotls, but you only need to make sure you defrost the shrimp first before you feed it to axolotls.

Raw or Cooked Cocktail Shrimp – Which is Best for Axolotls?

You can feed the cocktail shrimp both raw or cooked. Both can work very well, but you need to make sure that you do not add salt or any other spices if you decide to cook the shrimp.

The salt is actually quite harmful for the axolotls, and the spices can especially be harmful. Always make sure you cook them raw and without any additional sources of food or spice.

If the shrimps are too big, a good idea here is to slice them up into smaller pieces so that the axolotl would have no problem swallowing the shrimp. This is great if you want to feed cocktail shrimp to your axies.

Can Axolotls Eat Shrimp Exoskeleton/Shell?

No, you should not give the exoskeleton and the shell to your axolotls. These are harder and might be tough to digest for the axolotl.

If you feed too much of the exoskeleton to the axolotl, it might cause impaction. That’s not good and it’s a hard problem to solve, so it’s better to not risk it.

There are some exceptions to this, though. Ghost or cherry shrimp have quite soft skeletons, so axolotls can eat their skeletons.


Shrimp is one of the favorite types of food for your axolotl. They will like to eat them both raw and cooked, as well as live.

You can also get shrimp pellets if your axolotls really love the taste of shrimp. Whatever your choice is, make sure you buy high quality pellets or food with great nutrients.

Updated: August 30, 2022

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