5 Best Foods for Axolotls

One of the most important things when keeping a pet is feeding it a healthy diet. And for a diet to be healthy, it needs to be species-appropriate and nutrient-dense. What does that mean for axolotls? Keep reading to find out! In this article, I’ll … 5 Best Foods for Axolotls read more »

Why is My Axolotl Hiding?

If you’ve never had an Axolotl before but find the creature fascinating, you should prepare yourself for a different pet-keeping experience. It’s not to say that the Axolotl is difficult to keep and maintain. It’s just that it takes time for you to become accustomed … Why is My Axolotl Hiding? read more »

Why is My Axolotl Getting Fat?

If you know anything about Axolotls, you’re already familiar with the notion of weirdness. So, it’s unlikely that anything will surprise you once you get over the fish’s physiognomy, history, behavior, symbolism, etc. However, some things just might. Such is the case with the Axolotl … Why is My Axolotl Getting Fat? read more »

Do Axolotls Bite You?

Axolotls are carnivores, so biting is not only in their nature but a necessary feature for feeding purposes. While they may not pose any real risk for larger and bulkier mammals like humans, their bite is dangerous for the Axolotl’s natural prey. But is the … Do Axolotls Bite You? read more »

Can Axolotls Eat Tadpoles?

Tadpoles, also called pollywogs, are larva-type animals that many axolotl owners want to feed to their axies. They are the larval stage of the amphibians, meaning that tadpoles are live animals that you can feed to axolotls. So yes, you can feed them to axolotls, … Can Axolotls Eat Tadpoles? read more »