Are Axolotls Blind? Do They See Anything?

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Even though it might seem like your axolotls are blind and that they can’t see anything in front of them, they are actually not blind. The truth is just that they can’t see really well, so it might look like they don’t see anything because of their eyes and their movement.

Their eyesight is really bad, though. The good thing for them is that they don’t rely on the eyesight as much. Instead, they use their senses to learn more about their surroundings and to make sure they’re moving in the right direction. Sometimes, they will not sense something is in their tank if this thing is not moving, making it hard for you sometimes to feed them.

Sometimes, they might also struggle to recognize their owner, although they will see movement in the room which can make them feel like you’re there. They also know very well when it’s feeding time, which is the one thing they need to know the most when you’re around!

In this article, we’ll take a look at whether axolotls can see or not, how they find their food, and whether they are sensitive to light or not.

Are Albino Axolotls Blind?

Albino axolotls are not completely blind, although their eyesight is somewhat limited. They can distinguish some colors and they have a pretty blurry vision. Even though the differences in how well they can see can vary from animal to animal, most of them have pretty poor eyesight.

But they are not blind, because they do have some ability to see things around them. But their main way to move around and to know about their surroundings is to rely on other senses instead. They can feel very well when something’s moving around them, so this sense is very important to them.

Their eyes will adapt to the different environments they live in. But some axies can see better than others, and some will see farther than others, too.

How Do Axolotls Find Their Food?

It’s interesting to see how axolotls find their food. They don’t rely on their eyesight as much as some other animals do to find their food. However, axolotls have learned how to distinguish different types of food based on their color, so they do have a limited ability to see their food.

But instead, they use other senses to locate the food around them. Namely, they will find their food only when it is moving in the water, so they will locate the food via movement.

If you’re an axolotl owner, then you’ll find it easy to feed them with tweezers. Because they don’t sense very well where there is food, this method actually makes it easier for you to make them know where food is.

So if your axolotl is struggling to find food, it will be because the food is not moving, or because the food is not close to the axolotl so that it can find the food. In some cases, you’ll need to use tweezers to help them locate the food.

Can Axolotls See and Recognize Their Owner?

No, in most cases, axolotls will not be able to recognize their owner with their eyesight. This is sad for some owners, but don’t worry – they know when you’re there.

They can actually sense almost any movement in the same room, so they will know when you’re there and when you’re not. And when they notice you are in the room, they will know it is feeding time, so they will be prepared to get food in their tank.

And when you enter the room, you’ll probably notice that they become slightly more active. This is not because they see you, but because they will associate this time with food, so they will prepare themselves for feeding.

Are Axolotls Sensitive to Light?

Yes, axolotls are sensitive to very strong light. Even though they can’t see very well, they can still sense light, and they will especially sense it when this light is strong.

This light can agitate them and make them feel stressed. And if you keep this light strong for a prolonged period, it might cause them to get stressed. And this can potentially lead to health problems and diseases overtime.

So the solution here is to use dimmed lighting in an axolotl tank to avoid this stress from becoming a reality. If you don’t do this, you’re risking the health of your axolotls and their stress levels.


Axolotls are interesting creatures – even though it might seem like they’re blind, they can actually see. Their eyesight is not very good, though, so they rely on other senses to move around and survive.

They will mostly not recognize their owner, although they will know exactly when you’re there, and they’ll connect this to feeding time, which is why they become active when you enter the room.

Updated: August 29, 2022

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