Where to Buy an Axolotl?

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Thinking of buying an axolotl? Then you’ve come to the right place. Because in this article, we’ll tell you all about where to buy one, what to look out for, how to pick a good axolotl to buy, how much they cost, and how to transport your axolotl to your home.

Buying an axolotl can be tricky. Normally, these pets are not widely available in pet shops, although some will also have them available. That’s especially the case for larger pet shops that have a lot of animals on offer.

However, when you buy them from a private seller or someone who does this on their own, you’ve got to be very wary of what you buy. Some breeders will buy quality, vetted axolotls that have been taken care of properly. Others are only looking for profit and will not pay too much attention to the quality and the health of these animals.

So the best way to buy an axolotl is from a reputable breeder or an exotic shop with a good reputation when it comes to breeding axolotls.

We would advise against buying axolotls online, and also buying them from unknown sources or people who don’t take good care of them before you buy them.

Here’s everything you need to know about buying axolotls.

Where Should You Buy Your First Axolotl?

If you’re buying your first axolotl, then you’re probably going to have quite a lot of questions. Don’t worry, we’ll try to cover all of them in this article!

From Local Axolotl Breeders

Firstly, we’ll say that it’s best to buy axolotls from dedicated axolotl breeders who have done this for years and take great care of the axolotls they breed.

Try to find such breeders in your local area and wider, although such breeders are not very widely spread all over the world. But if you can find one in your local area, try to learn more about what they do and how they breed their axolotls.

The best way to do that is to visit them and ask them questions yourself, and ask people around who have bought from them. First of all, call this breeder or try to find them online, although some will do this underground since breeding axolotls is forbidden in some states or countries. If you can, ask them how they do it, and if they take good care of them.

Avoid breeders that take some time to respond, or those who don’t like to disclose information about their process. Because that’s a good sign these breeders are not doing it for the love of these animals, but they are just looking to earn some money while doing this.

From Exotic Pet Shops

Your other option is to buy axolotls from exotic pet shops. This is normally a more reliable options because these pet shops will:

  • Normally take better care of the axolotls than some breeders do
  • They will also run a legal business since in some states, breeding these animals is not allowed

Normally, these pet shops will have their own website, so if you can find a good exotic pet shop in your area, you should be able to find an axolotl there, too.

Also, it’s a good idea to search your local area and ask around. Some pet shops don’t advertise themselves really extensively, so they might be a bit hidden. But when you do find one, you should call them or visit them and ask them if they have axolotls.

Avoid Buying Online

The worst thing you could do, though, is buy axolotls online. This is not a great way to do this, because some online sellers are very shady in what they do and will not take good care of these animals.

There’s also the problem of transportation, where the axolotls that get “shipped” to you will not have the right conditions to live when they are transported, and so you should not try this at all. You might even get scammed.

That said, some online sellers have a good reputation, too, but they are quite rare. It’s better not to rely on this option and only do this if you don’t have other choices.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Axolotl

Before you do decide where you will buy one from, you need to consider some things.

1. Legality

In some states or countries, it’s illegal to buy, sell, or own an axolotl. So before you buy an axolotl yourself, check with your local laws that you’re allowed to do so, or you might be facing some consequences in the shape of fines.

Refrain from buying axolotls if your state doesn’t allow that. But if you really want to, you still can, but you’re running the risk of getting caught which can result in penalties.

2. Requirements

Make sure you’re able to accommodate the axolotl as these animals will require you to take quite a lot of time and equipment for maintenance.

Before you do buy an axolotl, make sure you have all the equipment and tools needed to take care of them. You’ll need to buy a tank with the proper size, and then maintain it properly. Make sure you know what the water requirements are, what the temperatures need to be, and make sure you also buy a good filter for the tank.

3. Ongoing Cost

Know that when you buy an axolotl, you commit to a long-term thing. You’ll have to take into account the running costs of having axolotls, such as maintenance costs, food, electricity costs for filters, replacing filters, the tank cost, and all other accessories that need to be bought for axolotls.

Know that it’s not just about the initial cost of buying the axie and the tank, but you’ll also need to take into account the ongoing running costs of owning these animals.

How Much Do Axolotls Cost?

This really depends on a couple of things:

  • Their age
  • The seller’s rate
  • Their size and type

Normally, juvenile axolotls will cost around $20. However, for adult axolotls, you might have to pay around $35 or even more.

This is quite common, although the rates will vary from seller to seller. Some will have higher prices, while others will have lower ones. Also, you need to know that there will be additional costs, such as buying the tank, the filtration, and other things that can amount to several hundred dollars.

How to Transport Your Axolotl?

When you buy an axolotl, you’ll need to transport it home safely. If it’s only a short ride, then you can take a Tupperware box or an equivalent, poke some holes inside, and pour water inside. Also, you can use a bucket or something that will hold water.

This is a setup you can use for shorter rides. If it’s a longer drive, then you can also bring ice packs and cooling kits to make sure that the water is not too hot.

Why Choose Axolotl as a Pet?

Axolotls are cute and nice, but why else would you choose them as your pet?

  • They’re friendly animals that don’t like to attack other animals
  • They’ll live for relatively long – for up to 20 years
  • They’re cute
  • They’re not that demanding in terms of maintenance
  • They’re also quite cheap, too

A lot of people choose axolotls simply based on looks, but it’s much more than just that.


Buying axolotls can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing where to buy them from will make your life easier. It’s best to buy them from a reputable local breeder of from a reliable exotic pet shop.

In any case, you should refrain from buying them online, because that can cause various problems, and there’s also the question of transportation.

Updated: August 29, 2022

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  1. Alyson Hutchins

    Great information. My grandson is fascinated by and is learning all he can about axolotls. He’s soon to be 11 & I’m considering homing one for him as his gift. Once he’s old enough, hoping that our little friend lives a long, healthy life, it will transition into his care full-time.

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