Can Axolotls Get Cancer?

Axolotls are well-known of their rapid regeneration capability. They are also one of the most cancer resistant creatures on the World. The chances of such a salamander getting cancer are very slim. They are also known as Mexican salamanders and they are able to regrow … Can Axolotls Get Cancer? read more »

Are Axolotls Good Pets?

These fully aquatic salamanders are also called Mexican Walking Fish and they are widely popular right now in the pet market. Axolotls indeed walk on the sandy bottom, which is why they need aquariums that are rather wide. They rarely wander to the upper layers … Are Axolotls Good Pets? read more »

How Big do Axolotls Grow?

The axolotl sizes can vary greatly. Sometimes, they are preconditioned and cannot be altered, while in other cases, you can impact on how much the axolotl will grow. But still, there is a set growth parameter that is set within the genetic material of an … How Big do Axolotls Grow? read more »