Can Axolotls Eat Krill?

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Krill are small crustaceans that are often fed to aquatic animals in our tanks and homes, and to axolotls as well. But can axolotls eat krill?

Yes, they can eat krill, although there are some things you need to consider before you feed krill to your axie. Namely, krill should be fed in moderation to your axolotls because this food is quite high in nutrients and can even cause impaction when fed incorrectly.

I also recommend feeding frozen krill instead of dried krill, because it’s easier for the axolotls to digest frozen krill as it doesn’t have as strong shells as dried krill, for example.

In this article, we’ll talk about feeding krill to your axolotls and everything you need to know in order to feed krill successfully to your axolotls.

How to Feed Krill to Axolotls?

I recommend feeding the frozen krill because this type of krill will be easily digested by the axolotl, as it won’t have that strong of a shell that dried krill has. You can easily peel the shell of the krill off the skeleton of the krill, which will make it easier for the axolotl to eat krill.

So first, when you buy frozen krill, make sure it’s completely safe and free of any sorts of potential diseases. This is the first step you should take in order to keep your axolotl safe when you feed them krill.

Then, defrost the krill and wait for a few hours or minutes until it’s completely defrosted. After that, you can start peeling off the shell of the krill, which will make the krill easier to eat for the axolotl, and also easier to digest. But you must make sure that you completely remove all the shell, otherwise it can cause impaction to your axolotl.

Then, you can start feeding the krill to the axie. You can feed krill to your axolotls every once in a while, because feeding it too often is not great and might cause obesity. So once or twice a week works best.

But krill is a great source of food for axolotls, as long as you make sure your feed them frozen krill and that you remove all of the shell from the krill before you feed it to the axolotl.

How Often to Feed Krill to Axolotls?

Krill should be fed to axolotls once or twice a week, which is enough to keep them fed for a few days in the week. Krill is quite high in nutrients, especially protein and other beneficial nutrients that will help you keep the axolotl safe and healthy.

If you feed them krill too often, then the axolotl might become obese and might suffer with health problems, especially if you combine krill with other types of food.

So I would not recommend that you feed them krill more often than twice a week, since it will also take the axolotl some time to completely digest the krill and make sure they are ready for the next meal.

Can You Feed Freeze Dried Krill to Axolotls?

No, I would not recommend that you feed them dried krill. Because with dried krill, you won’t be able to completely remove all of the shell or the exoskeleton from the krill, which can result potentially in some health problems for your axolotl.

Namely, the axolotl won’t be able to fully digest the krill, especially if it has the skeleton still on. And with dried krill, you won’t be able to remove the skeleton, so it’s not a recommended type of food to feed them.

Because of this, these skeletons might cause impaction for your axolotl, which is quite a serious problem that might or might not be resolved completely, no matter how hard you try.

Can Krill Cause Digestive Problems for Axolotls?

Yes, krill can cause digestive problems for axolotls if you don’t remove the shells from the krill before you feed it to axolotls. This can be a serious problem, because the axie won’t be able to digest krill with shells, and it can even cause impaction. And you don’t want that to happen, because that can lead to serious health problems.

So you can still feed them krill, but you have to be very careful that you remove the shell from the krill before you feed it to the axolotl.


Krill can be a good type of food for your axolotl. It has a lot of beneficial nutrients that can help your axie grow and develop into a big and healthy axie.

However, you should only feed them frozen krill where you can safely remove the shell before you feed it to the axolotl. This can prevent serious digestion problems such as impaction, and make sure you keep your axolotl safe.

Updated: August 29, 2022

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