Can You Keep Axolotl in a Plastic Tub?

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You can certainly keep your Axolotl in a plastic tub at home. A plastic tub also allows you to take your pet with yourself if you go on a vacation.

You just need to make sure to buy one that is of the right size and your salamander is going to have no issues at all living in it.

When it comes to plastic, the most common question is whether it’s toxic or not. There are many different types of plastic and fortunately, not all of them are toxic.

There are plenty of food grade plastic tubes to choose from that are completely safe for Axolotls.

Keep on reading if you want to find out more about the benefits of plastic tubes, which one to choose and other useful tips!

Benefits of Keeping Axolotl in Plastic Tub

It is obvious why so many people choose to buy a plastic tub over any other option. It is easy to clean, easy to handle and much cheaper than an acrylic or glass tank.

Not to mention that it’s not as heavy as either of those. It is a simple and straightforward solution that works.

You can simply take it to the water tap and it takes only a couple of minutes to rinse it out and wipe it clean. It is so light that everyone can pick it up and carry it around easily.

Since it is cheap, you can always buy another one as a reserve while you clean the other one and rearrange stuff in it.

Some of these plastic tubes can be as transparent as glass. This will allow you to watch your Axolotl whenever you want to.

What Plastic Tub is Best for Axolotl?

Since Axolotls spend most of their time at the bottom of the tank, you should definitely buy a wide tub. It doesn’t need to be deep one either.

The point is to give your pet enough space to move around and he is not going to go to the upper layers anyway.

For Axolotls, the recommended size is a 20-gallon plastic tub. A shallow and wide tub still allows for a lot of customization.

You can fill it with various décor and make it look unique for your friends to show. For this type of salamander, water depth is not important.

What is important for them is to have enough space to do what they feel like doing.

Things to Consider when Keeping Axolotl in Plastic Tub

Once you buy your shallow plastic tub, there are a few things you need to consider. First off, these salamanders might consider jumping out at any time.

In order to counter this, all you need to do is to cover the tub. Now covering it entirely is not a good idea for sure.

If the tub is entirely sealed, there is no way for the water to get extra oxygen. The water has to be well-oxygenated at all times to keep your Axolotl healthy.

Find a cover that allows at least moderate air flow. Since there are plenty of low-quality plastic products in the market, make sure to look for a food grade one.

Those are proven to be safe for salamanders such as the Axolotl. Besides being food grade, it has to be a see-through one as well.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to see your pet at all. It will steal the excitement that keeping such pets is all about. Stacking up a few tubs on top of each other is not an issue either.

Can Axolotls Live without Filter in Plastic Tub?

For Axolotl keepers, a filter is an absolutely necessary part of the tank. This applies to plastic, acrylic and glass aquariums as well.

Just like fish, these salamanders also generate waste and it is going to contaminate the water if you don’t have a filter.

As a result, your Axolotl is going to get sick and it’s not going to be pretty. Installing a filter is essential when it comes to keeping your pet healthy.

Otherwise, you would need to change the water too frequently. There are various types of filters to choose from such as internal, under-gravel, hang-on-tank and canister filters.

It is all about reducing the nitrate concentration of the water which can make your Axolotl sick. It might be tempting to buy a really powerful filter that takes care of the job. The issue with that is that you really don’t want it to generate too much water flow.

But even if you have a filter installed, you will still need to perform water changes. At least 10 percent of the water has to be changed every week.

Can You Use Plastic Tubs for Baby Axolotls?

Plastic tubes are recommended for these salamanders and baby Axolotls are no exception. There are no downsides whatsoever when it comes to keeping juveniles in plastic tubs.

You buy a big enough tub so that your pet feels comfortable in it even after it reaches its full size.

With food grade plastic, there are no toxic contaminants your juvenile will be exposed to. It is going to live in crystal clean water that is totally unaffected by the plastic.

Given, of course, that you take good care of the water conditions and perform regular water changes.


Keeping Axolotls in plastic tubs is really not a thing to worry about. All you need to do is to buy a tub that is made of the right type of plastic and your pet is going to be fine.

When it comes to these containers, keeping juveniles in them is not a problem either.

Plastic tubs are just as good as acrylic or glass tanks, if not better. You can enjoy the benefits of easy cleaning and the tube being so light that you can pick up and carry it with you wherever you go.

Hopefully, this article has answered all the questions you had about keeping your Axolotl in a plastic tub.

Updated: August 31, 2022

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