Can You Have Two or More Axolotls in Same Tank?

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Keeping more Axolotls in a single tank is not an issue at all. You just need to respect the fact that every one of them needs to have its own personal space. They have to be able to freely move around and eat in private without the other ones bothering them.

However, it is worth noting that Axolotls are best to be kept alone. This creature is not going to feel lonely at all. Even if you add some tank mates, they are going to be considered as food. This salamander especially loves to encounter some live food in its environment.

At least if you keep it together with another Axolotl that is similar in size, there are not going to be any conflicts. We are going to discuss everything regarding this question below so that you will know exactly how this works!

Minimum Tank Size for Two Axolotls

Every Axolotl requires a certain amount of space. For a single one, you will need to buy at least a 20-gallon tank. In case you want to keep two of them, you need to double the size and get a 40-gallon one. It’s as simple as that, you need to extend it by 20 gallons for every additional Axolotl.

Buying a bigger tank is always better because your salamander will have more space to move around and thrive. It also saves you some time because water changes won’t be needed as often.

Can You Keep Baby Axolotls Together?

The thing about Axolotl juveniles is that they tend to eat each other if one is bigger than the other one. Their main drive is to eat, whether their food is alive or not. They can eat carnivorous fish food, processed Axolotl food and all kinds of live foods.

Besides that, you can give them the meat you prepare at home and they are going to eat small fish as well. It is no wonder that they are going to swallow their smaller peers. They are constantly on the lookout for anything that is protein-rich around them.

The solution to this problem is to separate the salamander babies from each other. You can put them in separate tanks until they reach their full size. Keep in mind that if two babies are of similar size, then you can keep them in the same tank. However, you need to monitor them day by day until you notice a size difference.

If that occurs, you are going to have to separate them. Otherwise, the bigger one is either going to swallow the small baby or bite off his gills or limbs. Either way, it is not going to end well.

How Many Axolotls Can You Keep in a 55 Gallon Tank?

Although keeping two Axolotls in the same tank is completely acceptable, keeping more of them is not so much. If your dream is to keep a lot of them in one tank, then this is going to be bad news for you. We recommend you to try with two at first until you figure out their needs and get used to them.

Then, once you consider yourself an experienced Axolotl keeper, you can start experimenting. You can add more of these salamanders to the tank, one-by-one and monitor their behavior. While you are experimenting, it is best to have another tank in the house so that you can separate them if things go wrong.

So, to answer the question, you should keep only two Axolotls in a 55-gallon tank. After all, the bigger, the better and your little pets are absolutely going to thrive in a tank of that size. If you calculate it, the minimum size for two would be a 40-gallon tank. Therefore, the minimum for three has to be at least 60 gallons, so a 55-gallon tank is barely enough for three.

Can Axolotls Eat Each Other?

They certainly can but if they are of the same size, they are not even going to be interested. This can only happen if one Axolotl is bigger than the other one. It is particularly common when you have juveniles of different sizes.

If they are not separated from each other, the smaller ones are going to be eaten. It is important to be selective with Axolotls and keep those together that are of similar size. They are carnivores and cannibalizing each other is not far from their nature either.

Can You Keep Only One Axolotl?

In fact, it is recommended to keep only one Axolotl if you are interested in this type of salamander. Things are usually worse if you keep them with tank mates. There are very few aquarium fish or other pets they are compatible with.

Even the fish they are compatible with when it comes to water conditions are probably not going to survive. Once your Axolotl gets hungry, he is not going to think twice. Those fish are all going to be eaten eventually. If it’s not a problem for you to buy tank mates that are going to become food, then it’s a great idea.

Otherwise, you are not going to consider it a great investment. These salamanders are not lonely at all. They are the healthiest and most thriving when they have their own private, undisturbed space.


As you can see, Axolotls are not complicated at all. As long as you don’t keep juveniles in the tank that are different in size, things are going to be fine. But even if you have bought two of them that don’t match, you can keep them in a separate tank until they grow up.

Keeping only one Axolotl is probably your best shot but hey, we understand what you’re up to. You want to see at least two of them interact with each other. Taking care of more than one salamander is also more exciting and demanding. Trying it at home is going to be a great experience overall.

Updated: August 31, 2022

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