Can Axolotls Eat Chicken Meat?

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One of the most important questions that axolotl owners and potential owners need to ask themselves is what diet to feed to their axolotls. The answer is that axolotls are primarily carnivorous animals, so you will want to feed them meat-based foods. But will axolotls eat chicken meat?

Yes, axolotls will happily eat chicken meat. In fact, it can become one of their favorite foods, but you will have to feed them only the chicken meat that is sliced into smaller pieces. That’s because axolotls won’t easily eat the larger pieces and it might cause problems for their digestive system.

Chicken is one of the best foods for many animals out there. Even for humans, chicken meat can be a valuable source of food, as it has many valuable nutrients that everyone needs. From the proteins, to other essential nutrients, it can bring your axolotl happiness and health to another level.

As for the type of chicken food, you can either feed them raw or cooked meat, or both, if you prefer that. Make sure the meat is from a reputable source, though, as it can cause problems if it’s not properly vetted. It should be free of any bacteria and possible diseases for the axolotls.

Raw or Cooked Chicken Meat – Which is Best for Axolotl?

Now that we have established that axolotls will eat chicken meat, you might be wondering, what type of chicken meat they prefer, cooked or raw?

The answer is that they will happily eat both. While it might vary from animal to animal, some will prefer cooked chicken, while other axolotls will love raw chicken. Mostly, though, they should happily eat both types of food.

There are no massive differences between the two either, and both types have their own pros and cons. The advantage of feeding them raw foods is that they will still have the nutrients and the raw materials that will get removed with the cooking process.

On the other hand, cooked food is much safer to feed to your axolotls. Besides, cooked chicken will be easier to digest for the axolotl, and it doesn’t even take that long to cook it. A quick boil will do, just make sure that the meat is sliced up into smaller pieces first.

How to Prepare Chicken Meat for Axolotl?

Preparing chicken meat for axolotls is very simple. Here are the steps that you need to take to prepare the chicken food for axolotls.

  1. Slice up the chicken meat into small pieces. These pieces should be small enough to fit into the axolotl’s mouth, but not too big at the same time. This way, you can avoid congestion and impaction if the pieces are too big.
  2. Next, fill a bowl of water and start boiling it. Then, start to place the chicken meat bits into the water.
  3. Don’t put any spices or salt onto the meat before you boil it. Your axolotl might not like the spices and salt, and it’s not the best for their digestive system either.
  4. Let the chicken boil in the hot water for 10 minutes.
  5. Lastly, let the meat cool down for a bit before you feed it to the axolotl.

As you can see, the cooking process is fairly simple and it only takes 10 minutes at most. Chicken can be an important part of the axolotl’s diet, and can even be the primary source of food. Of course, you will need to take the time to prepare the meat.

How Much Chicken Meat Should Axolotl Eat?

Axolotls are happy to eat small portions, although they will eat as much as you feed them, mostly. So, you’ll have to be careful about how much you feed them.

The best way to keep moderation with the feeding is that you feed them 2-3 pieces of meat once or twice a week. This way, you’ll avoid overfeeding, and ensure that the meat gets digested properly.

Of course, it shouldn’t be the only source of food for your axolotls. Make sure that you keep variety in their diets. Chicken meat can be an important part of their diet, but it should in no way be the only source of food.

Combine the meat with other foods, such as live foods, frozen meaty foods, and meat-based pellets. Again, avoid overfeeding with all the types of foods you feed them.

What Other Meat Can Axolotl Eat?

Chicken is a great source of food because it doesn’t take long to cook it, it’s tender, and it contains many useful nutrients, especially proteins. But what other types of meat can you feed them?

Beef is a great alternative because it possibly has superior nutrients to the chicken, although it is not as tender, and it takes longer to cook it. It can be used from time to time, though. You can feed them both raw and cooked beef.

You can also consider fish foods. The best source is salmon, although that can be costly and is not an option for everyone. Other fish food source can also be good. Axolotls will also eat crickets.

Can Axolotl Eat Cat Food?

Some owners will do the wrong thing and feed the axolotls cat food. It’s not recommended, even if the axolotl eats the food. That’s because cat food is not the healthiest if it’s not of the high quality, and it will usually contain quite a lot of additives.

Additionally, the cat food will provide a lot of pollution to the water. That will be hard to get rid of, and the filter will have to work double-time if it is to clean the water. So, cat food is definitely not a great option when it comes to feeding the axolotls.


Chicken food can be one of the best food sources for axies. They will happily eat it, and you can either feed them raw food or you can cook it. In any case, keep a variety in their diet, and make sure the meat is of a high-quality standard.

Updated: September 4, 2022

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