Can Axolotls Eat Salmon?

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Axolotls are the type of carnivores that can eat all types of meat. Salmon is no exception to this rule, although they definitely can’t eat a lot of it. After all, it is not among the most recommended meats that they should eat. Axolotls are not really picky but too much of the same thing is sometimes bad for them.

Therefore, salmon is something you should feed them as an occasional treat. It is the type of salamander food you can give them if you can’t find anything else at home. It is rather a substitute than an actual alternative. And, it is still better than giving them something plant-based such as veggie pellets.

Keeping your pet on a balanced diet with high-protein and low-fat is very important. They can derive a lot of different vitamins and nutrients just from meat-based foods. This is just how their digestive system has evolved.

Raw or Cooked Salmon – Which is Best for Axolotl?

For an axolotl, it doesn’t really matter whether the salmon is cooked or raw. If you have some leftover cooked salmon at home, then your salamander is going to be more than happy to eat it. One thing you need to keep in mind, however, is that you should avoid spices and salt.

If it’s already salty or cooked with spices, then giving it to your axolotl would be a really bad idea. You can cook it using only water, without any additives.

How Much Salmon Should an Axolotl Eat?

The rule of thumb with every axolotl is to give them food that fits in their mouth. You always need to fit the food to their size. If the salmon is too big, it is going to cause digestive problems. Therefore, part of the preparation is to cut the salmon into small pieces so that your axolotl can eat it easily.

As we mentioned, salmon is something you can feed your axolotl as a treat. This means that you can feed your pet with salmon once weekly or bi-weekly. This won’t mess with their digestion and it is a great way to introduce some variety into their diet.

Give your axolotl the amount of salmon he can eat in 2-3 bites. This will ensure that your salamander is not going to end up with an impaction.

Can Axolotl Eat Smoked Salmon?

Giving your axolotl smoked salmon is just as bad as feeding him spicy or salty foods. Smoked foods are harder to digest in general. This is true for us, humans as well. You want to feed your axolotl something that doesn’t go hard on his stomach.

This is why live foods are so good for axolotls. They can just eat a whole worm and have no digestive problems after it whatsoever. Something like a piece of smoked salmon would probably cause impaction. It would probably stay in your axolotl’s belly for a while.

Can Axolotl Eat the Skin of Salmon?

While feeding your axolotl salmon is okay, removing the skin has to be part of the preparation. The skin is the part that contains the most fats. Axolotls are carnivores and they can eat various kinds of meat, but not the ones with a high fat ratio.

Once they reach adulthood, they only need proteins and vitamins in order to thrive. It is not a bad idea to feed some high-fat meat to baby axolotls. It can help them grow faster but still, salmon skin is almost only fat. There still has to be some meat on it in order to count as quality baby axolotl food.

Can Axolotls Eat Dog or Cat Food?

Feeding your axolotl salmon or cat or dog food that contains salmon are not the same thing. There isn’t any fresh salmon in those processed foods. The salmon you buy at the grocery shop, on the other hand, doesn’t contain anything else. You can cook it or just remove the skin, chop it up and give it to your salamander.

In cat and dog foods, there are many other additives besides the salmon. Those might do no harm to your other pets but feeding them to your axolotl is very risky. The only thing their gut can tolerate is meat. It doesn’t do well with vegetables, fruits or additives.

The reason why they use additives in dog and cat foods is because they want to extend their warranty. You can open it on any given day for months and your cat or dog is going to enjoy eating it. There is a huge difference if you compare it to plain salmon because that lasts only a couple of days in the fridge.

Pretty much the only acceptable pet food for axolotls is fish food. There are fish foods for carnivores and for herbivores so make sure to pick the one for meat eaters. Axolotls are willing to eat veggie pellets too but there is not much nutrition for them in those.

Wrapping Up

Feeding your axolotl with salmon is not the best idea but it is not the worst one either. As long as you give a few bites to him once per week or bi-weekly, he is going to be fine. When it comes to the axolotl diet, it is important to introduce some new and exciting foods every now and then.

There are two key factors: nutritional value and variety. Axolotls eat all kinds of things out in the wild. In a home aquarium, the possibilities are endless. You can show a wide range of different meat-based to your pet and then watch as he thrives with full energy.

We can conclude that offering 2-3 bits of well-prepared salmon to your salamander is a great idea. Well-prepared means that you remove the skin and make sure there are no spices or salt in those pieces.

Knowing what your axolotl can eat and the foods he can’t is an important step toward keeping him in good health. Salmon is only one of the treats you can surprise your pet with, so keep exploring and have fun in the process.

Updated: August 30, 2022

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