Purple Axolotl – Fake or Real?

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Have you already seen a purple axolotl? Purple axolotls are a myth within the axolotl community, and many people want to have one. But is it possible to create one?

In this article, we’ll talk about purple axolotls, and whether they exist or not. Perhaps you’ve already seen a picture of a purple axolotl online, and now you’re wondering where you can get one.

They are beautiful, sure, but can you even get one? And if so, how, and how you can have a purple axolotl yourself.

Do Purple Axolotls Exist?

True purple axolotls don’t exist, despite the fact that you may have already seen pictures or videos of them online. In essence, true purple axolotls don’t exist, despite the fact that you might have seen them in a video or a picture.

There might be some variations of purple axolotls that have been selectively bred from other subspecies of axolotls. Namely, such axolotls might stem from copper or leucistic melanoids that appear pinkish or lavender in color, but they are still not purple in color. As they are bred from other species, they can’t be considered as true purple axolotls.

Other users have gone for a different approach: they dyed their axolotls with a purple color, or with a combination of colors that make the axolotl appear as though they are purple. But then again, the axolotl will still not appear completely purple, and it’s definitely not a good thing if you have to dye them.

In other cases, it might be just the way the camera is set up, or it might be due to different angles that make the axolotl appear purple in color. It’s perhaps the LED lighting that has purple colors with a dimmable option that makes the axolotl look like they are purple.

So there are no true purple axolotls that come primarily in the purple color. They are either selectively bred from copper or leucistic melanoids so that they appear purple, or they are dyed with a purple color. In some cases, the lighting makes them appear as if they are purple.

Can You Dye an Axolotl?

You can dye them, and some people choose this option to make them appear as if they are purple. Again, these axolotls are not purple in essence, and you won’t be able to recreate the color with a dye.

I highly advise against dying them with purple color. First, because the color can harm the axolotl, and secondly, the dye can pollute the water heavily.

The dye will harm the axolotl, as it releases various toxins that will get into axolotl’s internal organs, and it will also affect the skin or the slime coat. In the long-term, it will harm the axolotl and its health, and you will see them fall ill or get various health problems that will be hard to solve. So you don’t want this to happen.

Additionally, the dye will pollute the water, and the water itself will become purple. So that will be hard to remove, even if you have a powerful filtration system. You’ll need to make constant water changes, and that’s certainly not desirable.

You can dye the axolotl, but I wouldn’t advise you to do this.

How to Make Your Axolotls Purple?

The best and easiest way to make your axolotl appear purple is to use a dimmable LED light with purple colors. Not every LED system will have purple lights, and you might have to spend some more on this. But having an LED system with a dimmable feature is an absolutely essential thing, and it doesn’t matter what lighting system you opt for.

The light shouldn’t be too strong, as it can stress the axolotl out. Then, it should have purple lights, or a combination so that it makes a purple-like color in your tank. It’s possibly the best way to make an axolotl appear as if they are purple.

Still, it will not make the axolotl purple. It will only make them appear as if they are purple. Having a lighting system that will effectively make your tank lighter, and with a function to turn it off automatically, it’s possibly the best way to go.

Where Can You Buy Axolotls?

The first step when buying an axolotl is making sure that they are legal for you to own them. This means checking with your local laws if they abide you to own an axolotl. In some US states, you won’t be permitted to own, buy, or sell axolotls at all, while on other cases, you will be able to own it, buy it or sell it. More often, it’s a combination of all three.

Some states in the US that don’t allow you to own axolotls are California, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Virginia. Various countries, especially European countries, also don’t allow you to own axolotls. It’s best to check the regulations of your country or state before you buy.

As to where to buy, it’s more ways to buy an axolotl. First, you can buy the axolotl from your local pet store if they sell them. In my opinion, it’s the best way to buy axolotls, especially if the seller is a reliable one. You should always check on the condition of the axolotl before you buy.

Buying online is not the best, especially if you don’t know the seller. The delivery is also questionable. So you should only buy from reputable sources with vetted animals.


In essence, true purple axolotls don’t exist. You will see them as variations from axolotls, or maybe they have been bred from special types of axolotls, such as copper melanoids. Some owners choose to dye them with purple colors, although I don’t recommend you to do this at all.

You can make them appear as if they are purple with LED lighting. The lighting system should have purple colors, and they should be dimmable not to stress out your axolotls. In any case, you will never be able to have true purple axolotls.

Updated: September 3, 2022

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