Can Axolotls Eat Boiled Eggs?

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As you might know, some people feed their amphibians and other animals boiled eggs. After all, eggs are a great source of food for growth and health, especially for younger animals that are still growing. That’s because they are a great source of protein for these animals, and they are also full of other nutrients that help them keep healthy and help them grow.

But can axolotls eat boiled eggs?

Yes, they can. This is best done when you feed boiled eggs to baby axolotls. And this is particularly effective for feeding them egg yolk, which is particularly full of nutrients that will help axolotls grow and develop into large and healthy animals.

However, you can feed them whole eggs, and you can even feed them to grown up axolotls. But, I would not recommend feeding eggs to grown up axolotls because of the high fat contents that eggs have. This can cause various health problems such as obesity if you’re not careful.

But eggs can be a great food for baby axolotls, and in this article, we’ll take a closer look at why, and how you can feed eggs to axolotls, and everything else you need to know in this regard.

Benefits of Feeding Egg Yolk to Baby Axolotls

Arguably the biggest benefit of egg yolk for baby axolotls is that it will allow them to grow faster and become healthy. Because egg yolk contains a lot of protein and other nutrients, it will help them grow fast – perhaps even faster than most other types of food.

Another benefit is that egg yolk will help them boost their immune system, making them more immune to diseases and health problems, which is especially great for baby axolotls, which can get diseases at the start since their immune system is not yet fully developed.

Also, eggs are a tasty type of food that axolotls will eat happily. This is another benefit for your baby axolotls that struggle to find their favorite foods. Also, this type of food is quite easily digestible and it’s not too hard for their stomach. Because it’s a very soft type of food, you’re not risking impaction that you might be risking with other, harder types of food.

How to Feed Boiled Eggs to Axolotls?

So, let’s take a look at how you can feed the boiled eggs to axolotls

  1. First, remove the white part of the egg and only use the yolk for feeding. This is because the yolk has most of the nutrients, plus the white part is full of fats so it’s not the best for baby axolotls.
  2. When you feed eggs to axolotls, you’ll want to feed it in a separate container. Because when you put eggs into the water or into the container, they can pollute the water quite heavily, leading to huge problems that will need you to clean the water again and again. Avoid that by using a separate container for feeding eggs.
  3. When you place the eggs into this separate container, you can place the eggs into the water. But if you do so, you’ll need to stir the water a bit so that the eggs are moving in the water. Because axolotls will only eat food that is moving around and is not standing. Just a gentle stir will do – if they still don’t want to eat, move the eggs closer to them and move it around a bit.
  4. Clean up the tank and only do this every once in a while. Eggs should be used as a complementary type of food and not as the primary source of food for axolotls.

How Often to Feed Boiled Eggs to Axolotls?

It’s best when you feed boiled eggs to axolotls once or twice a week.

If you do it more than that, then axolotls might get fat, because eggs have quite high contents of fat, especially the white part. But even if you only feed the yolk to them, 1-2 times per week will be enough for them to grow and get the benefits of eating eggs.

Can Boiled Egg Make Axolotls Grow Faster?

Yes, eggs are rich in proteins and when combined with other types of live food, this can work wonders for the growth of your axolotls.

This is especially helpful for baby axolotls that are still growing. Because they are rich in protein, eggs are a fantastic source of food for the axolotls. So if you want the axolotl to grow a bit more, then you can certainly consider feeding them eggs, including some other types of live food.

But one thing to note is that you should not overfeed them eggs. Because this can cause health problems and even obesity, although they will still grow nicely.

Can You Feed Boiled Eggs to Grown Up Axolotls?

You can, but I would not recommend it. Because eggs have quite a high amount of fat, you can cause health problems for grown up axies. In addition to becoming obese, grown up axolotls will probably suffer from various other health problems caused by high fat contents in eggs. This includes liver problems, and other health problems.

So you should preferably feed eggs only to babies, and even then it should be yolk only. That will help them grow and keep them healthy, but you’ll also need to be moderate when you feed eggs to baby axies.


Eggs can be a good source of food for axolotls, especially for baby axolotls. But only when you do it right.

Baby axolotls will prefer to eat yolk, which can help them grow and make them stronger. Yolk has high contents of protein and other nutrients that are beneficial for their growth. And combine it with other types of live foods, eggs can be a fantastic addition to your axolotl’s diet.

So the next time you want to feed your axolotls boiled eggs, remember that yolk works well for babies, while for grown up axolotls, I would not recommend feeding boiled eggs at all.

Updated: August 29, 2022

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