Are Axolotls Edible?

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A surprising question I often get is whether axolotls are edible. Because these animals are so adorable not many people would imagine them being edible.

Yes, axolotls are edible, and they are mainly eaten in restaurants around Asia specifically in Japan where the Axolotl is deemed a gourmet food.

I myself have never and I do not plan to at any point. I just feel sorry for the animals as they look too cute to be eaten.  The weather from the reports I’ve read on the internet written by the people who tried axolotls we can learn that these animals are actually quite tasty.

Many people report that it tastes like white fish meat and that they don’t even have to be salted before you can eat them.  But even if they taste good I myself will never try the axolotl.

In this article, I’ll explain everything about axolotl being edible, how they taste, and if they are eaten in any country around the world. I believe you will be very surprised to learn the answer.

How Are Axolotls Served?

Here I must repeat that I’ve never actually seen an axolotl being served. But after reading some interesting articles on the internet explaining how axolotls are served in Asian restaurants, I got a clear picture.

After reading this article, I’ve learned that axolotls are served best when they are fried with some potatoes on the side and maybe some vegetables. The shocking thing about seeing a fried axolotl is that you can still see the whole body of the animal. In some cases, even the eyes are still visible which makes for a shocking sight for some people.

I’m sure that seeing such a cute animal fried is not an appetizing thing for many people including me.

However, the Japanese seem to enjoy this dish. Some locals have reported that this food is a type of gourmet food and it’s actually quite rare to find this dish. In this particular case, the Axolotl dish cost $13 but the dish itself was quite small.

The article reports that the axolotl tastes a bit like white fish meat, which means that it goes very well together with beer. Despite the axie being a very peculiar dish, many people have praised it for being very tasty and it is considered a specialty in some parts of the world, mainly Asia.

How Does an Axolotl Taste Like?

As we’ve already mentioned the axolotl taste like white fish meat. And because it is deep-fried, it is actually not spiced very strongly. However, you can still add more salt and pepper to the dish if you want.

Even without additional spices, the food has a very distinct, fishy taste. It’s actually safe to eat axolotls, too.

And this white fish meat taste means that the axolotl meat is a very popular dish in Asia, and it goes very well down with beer. Some dishes might have potatoes or vegetables with the axolotl, while some will also add rice.

There’s also a crunchy texture to the dish, which is mainly because the axolotl was not cleaned before and the chef did not remove the bones from the axolotl’s body. But this makes it even more special, as the crunchy texture goes well with the taste.

If white fish meat is of your taste and you would like at some point to try axolotl meat, then you should visit a Japanese restaurant near you. Some restaurants do serve axolotls, but not every restaurant will, especially in the West.

Where Can You Get an Axolotl?

As mentioned above, not every Japanese restaurant around the world will have axolotls on their menu. You might not find a restaurant in the West that has this dish on their menu.

These animals are mostly found on menus of Japanese restaurants in Japan and Asia, where the axolotl is a more acceptable dish, and it’s actually more desirable.

But here in the West, you are very unlikely to find an axolotl dish. Firstly, because axolotls are domestic animals and are often kept in aquariums. And secondly, because too many people are reluctant to eat this dish and it would probably not sell very well.

However, in Japan, this dish is a gourmet dish and it’s considered to be for the upper classes.

Are All Axolotls Edible?

You might be surprised, but the axolotl you keep in your tank might not be edible for you. That’s because these axolotls that are sold commercially for home aquariums are not treated with antibiotics and other medicines, which might render them harmful for humans.

The axolotls that are sold in Japanese restaurants are treated carefully with various antibiotics and are also checked for salmonella, making them safer to consume.

The same cannot be said for axolotls you can buy in pet shops that you can own in your tank. They are not vetted for diseases and have no such check-ups because it is simply not necessary to test them for salmonella.

So, this means that if you want to try an axolotl, you will have to travel to Japan or Asia and find a restaurant that offers this dish. You might actually struggle to find it because not every restaurant will serve this dish. Also, you should be very careful which restaurants you pick, because some do not do a good job of vetting their food.


To conclude, axolotls are edible animals that you can try for yourself in a Japanese restaurant. They are mainly treated like a gourmet dish, and they taste like white fish meat (according to reports).

If you really want to try an axolotl (I know I wouldn’t!), then you will most likely have to travel to Japan and find a good restaurant that sells this dish. Again, I wouldn’t find this dish very appetizing simply due to the fact just how cute these animals are.

Updated: August 30, 2022

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