How Big do Axolotls Grow?

The axolotl sizes can vary greatly. Sometimes, they are preconditioned and cannot be altered, while in other cases, you can impact on how much the axolotl will grow. But still, there is a set growth parameter that is set within the genetic material of an … How Big do Axolotls Grow? read more »

Why did My Axolotl Die?

There comes a sad time for the inevitable. Every pet owner has to face this difficult period in their lives when their favorite pet passes away. Sometimes it’s a result of an ongoing disease, while in other cases, it’s a sudden thing. And when it’s … Why did My Axolotl Die? read more »

Is My Axolotl Sick?

One of the most worrying things when owning an axolotl, or any animal, for that matter, is seeing them fall sick. Each animal has its type of illnesses, and these have their own signs. With axolotls, we can tell quite quickly whether something is wrong, … Is My Axolotl Sick? read more »

Do Axolotls Need Light?

When setting up an axolotl tank, we often encounter the question of lighting; do axolotls need light? The answer is that axolotls don’t need a lot of light for their aquarium. They need dim light, as they don’t have eyelids and can be highly sensitive … Do Axolotls Need Light? read more »