Are Axolotls Aggressive?

Axolotls might appear as harmless animals, so not many people would think these animals are aggressive beings. Normally, axolotls are not aggressive animals. They don’t appear to be territorial that much, and they also won’t have an aggressive behavior when you approach them. However, axolotls … Are Axolotls Aggressive? read more »

Can Axolotls Eat Salmon?

Axolotls are the type of carnivores that can eat all types of meat. Salmon is no exception to this rule, although they definitely can’t eat a lot of it. After all, it is not among the most recommended meats that they should eat. Axolotls are … Can Axolotls Eat Salmon? read more »

Are Axolotls Edible?

A surprising question I often get is whether axolotls are edible. Because these animals are so adorable not many people would imagine them being edible. Yes, axolotls are edible, and they are mainly eaten in restaurants around Asia specifically in Japan where the Axolotl is … Are Axolotls Edible? read more »

Do Axolotls Smell Bad?

Are you noticing a bad smell coming out of your axolotl tank? Then it’s probably not your axolotl that you’re smelling. It’s most likely other things you’re noticing, which we will go over in this article. Axolotls do not stink. They don’t have a distinct … Do Axolotls Smell Bad? read more »