Are Axolotls Illegal?

Some US states have relatively strict rules when it comes to pets and animal transfers, so the question that arises is whether axolotls are illegal? Axolotls are illegal only in certain states such as California, Maine, New Jersey, and Virginia. For New Mexico, importing axolotls … Are Axolotls Illegal? read more »

Why do Axolotls Float?

You might have noticed that your axolotl is floating, but you might be wondering, why is it doing that? You will see that when you see an axolotl float, it is not the reason to panic. You can usually see right away if there is … Why do Axolotls Float? read more »

Do Axolotls Lay Eggs?

If you own axolotls, then it might be because of their exceptional ability to breed. Put a female and a male axolotl in the same tank, and you can expect to see some results in no time. But many people still don’t know how axolotls … Do Axolotls Lay Eggs? read more »

Can Axolotls Eat Crickets?

If you own an axolotl, then you surely have encountered the question of what will the axolotl eat. As we know, these animals are biased towards a carnivorous diet, so they won’t eat plant-based foods. But what type of meat-based foods will they eat exactly? … Can Axolotls Eat Crickets? read more »

Do Axolotls Need a Heater?

Axolotls are highly adaptable creatures that will live in a variety of water temperatures. However, the ideal water temperature for axolotls is between 16-18 degrees Celsius (60-64 degrees Fahrenheit). So the question arises, how do you set up a tank for axolotls? Do axolotls need … Do Axolotls Need a Heater? read more »